• Trail of the Ancient Guardians “Los Guardianes Centenarios”

    Departure from Puerto de la Cruz

    SQU Gaiatours Xperience
    The route starts in the village of “Agua García” county of “Tacaronte”
    • Activity Day: Monday
    • Difficulty: easy
    • Inclusive: english speaking guide, bus from hotel or nearby
    • Walking time: approx. 2,5 h
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  • Description

    The route starts in the village of “Agua García” county of “Tacaronte”, in the north of the Island of Tenerife. Our walk will bring us through a 100-year-old Laurel Forest with vineyards and heather, which almost got lost by logging before the Spanish conquest. Wood was need to build the houses, use as firewood, tillage, utensils. tools, medicine and furniture, the Axe became the the owner of this land. After the Spanish conquest of Tenerife, a settler named “Garcia Morales” received as payment for his services to the crown an abundant land, with great irrigation right in the middle of the Laurel forest.A jewel known from then as the Forest of “Agúa Garcia”, who's stronghold still survives in Tacaronte. We will visit the Vineyard trail also known as the path of the ancient guardians. During this route, we will find the Glass Caves or Caves of Toledo, where they mined white sand to make glass articles.

    The route passes through the protected natural countryside of “Las Lagunetas” 

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