• Anaga , The Enchanted Forest

    Departure from Puerto de la Cruz

    SQU Gaiatours Xperience
    Chinamada is an ancient indigenous hamlet.
    • Activity Day: Wednesday
    • Difficulty: easy
    • Walking time: approx. 3,5 h
    • Inclusive: english speaking guide, bus from hotel or nearby
    • Price per person: 39,90 €
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  • Description

    The rural park of Anaga, declared by the UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, has managed to conserve its natural values in an exceptional way. And the impressive robustness of its mountains raised over the coast is an attractive and unique image.

    In this area, the most important parts of the landscape are the geological formations and the rocks, (old volcanic chimneys) the dikes (cracks filled with solidified magma which you will identify as “walls” as we go through the area), the cliffs and the ravines. Another of the most unforgettable scenery is of course the sea of clouds

    In Anaga we will find the best representation of Laurel in all of Tenerife. It is nothing less than a living fossil, a relic which has survived 40 million years. The Mediterranean Sea bed was covered in this type of forest until the ice age destroyed them. Walking through the twisted and mossy tree trunks of this humid forest is like taking a step back in time. Listen to them, feel them and breath in the same prehistoric air.

    The park also has local residential areas, there are at least 26 small villages with a total of 2000 people. The locals mainly work in farming the sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, vines and diverse types of fruit trees.

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